Whole Grains, Whole Oat, Whole Milk, Why not Whole Plant Hemp Oil?

Why not Whole Plant Hemp Oil? It seems that today there are many products that are derived from “fake” plants, but the hemp plant has been proven to be a “miracle grower” throughout history. And because it is so strong, sturdy, and resilient, it makes sense to use it as an ingredient in our very own skin care products. Here’s why you should learn to grow your own plants!

You’ll never have to worry about “fragrance”. Let’s face it – we all know how “that old petroleum smell” is. It seems to stick around forever and can cause allergic reactions and headaches. Plant-based oils such as hemp seed and jojoba actually combat this problem. If you look at pure essential oils versus synthetic ones, they will actually have virtually no “sickening” effects on the body.

No More Carcinogens! There are two big reasons that you really should consider adding whole plant hemp tincture into your diet. The first is that it is a completely natural product. In fact, studies have shown that it has more antioxidants than other popular vegetable oils – even olive oil! For this reason alone, many scientists highly recommend that people try to consume more hemp based foods and supplements.

It’s Good For Your Diet! This is where you really see the “why” behind using hemp for skin care products. One of the things hemp does well is to improve the structure of our digestive systems. By supporting the lining of the small intestine, it reduces the chance of colon cancer. Plus, it helps regulate the hormones of the endocrine system and even improves immunity.

Best of all, you can actually cook with it! Try experimenting with hemp seed oil on your next pot of pasta or stew. In addition to helping to improve the texture and flavor of your food, it will also reduce the risk of getting carcinogenic food poisoning from eating too much cooked food. That’s right – if you want to keep your food delicious and safe, you should use hemp instead of regular cooking oil.

Why Not Whole Plant Hemp Oil? If you’re still asking yourself “why not whole plant hemp oil? “, then you have yet to learn about all the benefits to be found when you eat more of this versatile and nutritious food. It’s one of nature’s greatest miracle plants, and no matter what you call it – whether hemp seed, hemp oil, or just “healthy oil”, you’ll be glad you added it to your diet.