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An erection problem if he can’t have or maintain an erect strong enough for him to engage in sexual activity. Erection problems are also known as impotence or erectile dysfunctions. Normally, most males have erection problems at some point in

Chronic pain is a persistent state of physical discomfort that goes beyond the usual course of an illness or injury. It can result from various conditions, such as arthritis, nerve damage, cancer and fibromyalgia. Treatment for chronic pain differs depending

Tinctures are viewed as concentrated herbal extracts that are prepared by soaking the berries, bark, roots, or leaves from one or more than one plant in either vinegar or alcohol. The alcohol or vinegar extracts the active components from the

Returning home from combat can be a difficult transition for many veterans. To go from the structure and intensity of the military back into everyday life can be jarring. However, there are resources available to help ease that transition. Here is

Disability equipment is designed to make life easy for people who have suffered a disability and find it difficult to move around properly. There are a number of local companies throughout Bromsgrove that offer a wide range of equipment. If