What Is ICL Singapore? And The Things You Need To Know About It

An implantable Collamer lens or ICL is a permanently implanted artificial lens in the eye. This implantation is done through surgery. The icl singapore offers permanent correction to treat many eye-related problems

What conditions does ICL treat?

ICL is good for certain eye conditions like:

  • Myopia-near sightedness
  • Hyperopia-far sightedness
  • Astigmatism

ICL surgery procedure

During the ICL procedure, a surgeon places the customized lens between the eye’s natural lens and the colored iris. With a sharp blade, a 3mm wound is created, and through this, the lens is inserted, and the legs of the lens are neatly tucked behind the iris. The lens makes the eyes’ existing lens to bend or refract light on the retina, and you get a more clear vision.

The benefits of ICL surgery

  • It can fix severe myopia, Hyperopia, and the condition astigmatism
  • Less likely to cause dry eyes
  • It’s permanent, but it is reversible
  • Improved night vision
  • Quick recovery
  • Good for people who cannot have laser eye treatment
  • No more glasses or contact lens

The icl singapore provides you with a safe surgery. Still, the surgeon will first assess you thoroughly to see whether you can go on with the surgery by looking into your eye condition, medical history, and age. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the conditions, your surgery will be fixed at an appropriate time.

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