Heat-resistant and Tough: Phenolic Resin Lab Tables Are a Great Choice for Price-conscious, Safety-focused labs

LEI Sales supplies a broad array of laboratory equipment, and furnishings. A Phenolic resin lab table makes a great addition to any lab setting. Read on to learn why.

Why Phenolic Resin

Due to their thermal and dimensional stability characteristics and, more specifically, their nonflammability, Phenolic molding compounds are ideal for the manufacture of high-quality lab tables, cabinets, and countertops. As a base material, used in building lab furniture, phenolic resin thermosetting materials have superior chemical resistance qualities. These characteristics protect the tables from damage caused by common solvents, including weak bases, weak acids, and exposure to short-term ultraviolet.

In lab settings, where flammable materials, sensitive chemicals, and highly toxic samples abound, fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) are a genuine concern. Over the years, phenolic resin-based products have proven their superior properties of FST resistance, compared to alternative polymeric matrices involving fire-resistance applications.

Bearing a limiting oxygen index (loi) within a range of range of 40–49%, and with a self-ignition temperature of approximately 600°C, phenolic resin has proven its value in a wide range of conditions, including health and safety. That’s because phenolic resin does not support flaming, and when set on fire, it produces little or no smoke!

Making The Case for Phenolic resin in the Lab World

Even a budget-conscious lab doesn’t just look for the “cheapest” furniture but, instead, will balance low price with safety, sturdiness and durability.  From working with a broad set of laboratory customers, we have noticed a general trend towards the use of lab tables. With the price of metal cabinets moving higher at a faster pace, small to medium-sized labs are finding them too costly to purchase. Tables are now, therefore, the “go to” piece of furniture, with clients switching from standard casework, and gravitating to using mobile benches and tables.  The durability and robustness of Phenolic resins-based tables is the ideal choice.

When it comes to lab safety, Phenolic resins tables also feature high on the list. The FTS properties of this material makes them the natural choice for a laboratory setting. When measured at comparable price-points, no other matrix material delivers the same levels of FTS protection. This factor makes these tables not only cheaper, but also cost-effective in terms of their value for money proposition.

Phenolic resins are comparatively cheap, especially in relation to other thermosetting materials, such as polyimides and epoxies. Yet, a lab table manufactured using it has low flammability qualities, and built-in resistance to high temperatures. Heat, whether through direct flaming or as a result of chemical reaction, is a common presence in lab settings. That’s a key reason for the wide use of Phenolic-based lab furniture, specifically in applications where combustion and heat resistance is a critical factor.