Foods That Won’t Wreck Your Teeth 

Bad news: your favorite foods may be causing havoc on your dental health. It is especially important for Californians, who enjoy fresh fruits and crisp veggies, to be aware of how these meals might affect our teeth. While you do not have to eliminate all of your favorite foods from your diet, eating them in moderation can help you avoid cavities and other issues caused by regular intake of tooth-damaging foods. You can speak to a Monterey, CA dentist to learn more. 

Here are some foods that are terrible for your teeth so you may make the next step toward a healthy smile. 

Candies – especially sticky candy 

Anyone who has been to the dentist or attended a health lesson in school understands that candy is one of the worst snacks for your teeth. People enjoy sweets because they provide a sense of fulfillment, but their consequences on teeth are less than ideal. Your mouth’s bacteria feed on sugar, releasing acids that can destroy your tooth enamel. If left untreated, this can cause cavities, tooth discomfort, plaque accumulation, and tartar. 

Sticky sweets are very hazardous. Gummies, caramels, and other similar delicacies cling to your teeth, allowing bacteria more opportunity to satisfy their sugar cravings. The longer you expose your teeth to sugar, the greater your chances of acquiring plaque and other unwanted effects. Though sweets are hazardous for your teeth, they may still be consumed in moderation. If you crave sweets, go for a less sticky kind to avoid extended sugar exposure. 

Carbonated drinks 

The sugars in fizzy beverages might interact with germs in your mouth. This produces an acid, which affects your teeth. This detrimental interaction lasts for 20 minutes after each sip of your favorite fizzy beverage. This can cause erosion of the tooth enamel, which is necessary for tooth protection. It can also harm your teeth’s dentin, causing cavities to form. 

If you want the pop of a fizzy, sugary beverage without the negative effects on your tongue, sparkling water is an excellent alternative. Sparkling water includes fluoride, which can help prevent cavities. Simply avoid sparkling liquids with high sugar levels or citrus scents. These may have the same negative consequences as carbonated drinks. 


Popcorn creates lactic acid in the mouth, which usually causes the husks to become lodged between your teeth. Not to add that unpopped kernels are known to shatter teeth if not handled carefully. Popcorn, while sometimes touted as a pleasant, healthier substitute for potato chips, is really bad for your teeth. 

Trail mixes are an excellent alternative to popcorn. While the thick form of trail mix requires less consumption, you would not have to worry about popcorn kernels splitting teeth or bothersome husks getting trapped in your mouth. Your dentist can tell you more about what is and is not good for your teeth, so schedule a consultation today! 

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