Establishing Intimacy and Timing Sex In Relationships


Sexuality and relationships are a complex arena. Both intimate and sexual relations involve an innate urge which leads to feelings of excitement and desire in both men and women. This natural urge to indulge in sexual activity has two sides. On one hand it leads to increased physical pleasure and satisfaction in the couple. On the other it can be a source of immense emotional distress for both parties involved. Thus, it is imperative that couples who intend to stay together should develop skills and understandings that would prevent either party from engaging in activities which would lead to the erosion of the other’s sexual desires.

A major part of sex and relationships education is focused on how to develop open and honest communication between couples about their sexual desires and needs. This allows both partners to come up with genuine suggestions and expectations for the other. Open communication is very crucial if you expect your relationship to be one that lasts. If a partner refused to acknowledge your sexuality and kept taboos around a same-sex relationship, there would surely be trouble ahead.

Two of the biggest factors that affect couples planning to have a long term relationship is intimacy and scheduling sex. It is important for couples to learn how to prioritize each other. It is not enough for your partner to simply tell you how he/she feels or wants. The more attentive and sensitive you are the more fulfilled you will be in the long run.

The first step toward developing intimacy is learning to tell your partner what turns you on and makes you feel good. This takes patience because every person has their own idiosyncrasies. However, as you practice with your partner, you will get to know what works for him/her. Then when there is a need to schedule sex, you will know what your partner enjoys.

The second step toward a satisfying sex life is learning how to take care of yourselves. Couples who maintain healthy bodies with optimal levels of fitness have great sex lives, otherwise these couples may consult sexual dysfunction experts like for additional help. While there may not be a lot you can do to keep your partner from becoming overweight, it is helpful to start making a few small changes that will lead to a more fit body in the long run.

Many couples are successful at both of these tasks by communicating openly and honestly with each other. By learning how to tell your partner what makes you happy and what turns you on, couples can increase the amount of intimacy in their relationship. Couples who learn how to schedule sex also increase the time they have together and learn how to better care of themselves. As a result, their intimacy and sexual relationships improve over time.

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