Lice: 4 Tips To Get Rid Of Them As Soon As Possible

When you return from summer vacation, your child scratches his head? There is a good chance that the lice have taken up residence there. Here are our tips for eliminating them effectively and safely.

As the start of the new school year approaches, it may be time to scrutinize your children’s scalp: contrary to what one might imagine, it is not during school periods that lice proliferate but during the summer holidays. Faced with this unpleasant news, parents’ first instinct is often the same: rush to a pharmacy or Lice Treatment in Round Rock and Georgetown, Texas for example to buy the first anti-lice product available, even if it means spending astronomical sums. Lotion, shampoo, fine comb? Before making your choice, here are some reflexes to adopt to eradicate these parasites as quickly as possible.

  1. Prefer Lotions To Anti-Lice Shampoos

The so-called first-generation products are insecticides; they kill the lice by destroying its brain. These products with a neurotoxic effect are quite effective, although some lice have developed resistance to this active ingredient.

They must be used punctually, in particular, to prevent the product from being ingested or inhaled in too large quantities. lice doctors for example advises to choose these remedies in lotion rather than in spray, which can be dangerous for asthmatics, or than in shampoo, less effective.

Today, the most used treatments to get rid of lice are called “second generation.” Use dimethicone, a substance that paralyzes the parasite with glue. Advantage of this product: lice find it difficult to adapt to it, which makes them more effective.

  1. Renew The Application At Least Once

No treatment can eliminate 100% of lice and nits. It is, therefore, necessary to renew the application after two days if the infestation is strong and between 7 and 10 days after the first application in all cases. This ensures that nits spared by the first application and which have become adult lice have indeed been eradicated.

  1. Use A Fine Comb In Addition

It is better to play on all fronts to eradicate all the lice as quickly as possible. In addition to the traditional anti-lice treatment, opt for the “mechanical” method: the fine comb.

Use it on wet hair. After shampooing, apply a detangling cream to the hair: this will make it easier to comb through while temporarily immobilizing lice and nymphs (young lice). Detangle the hair with a coarse-toothed comb, then divide it into small portions and “rake” with the fine comb starting from the bottom of the skull and gradually going up. It takes four sessions of this type, spaced 3 days apart, to overcome all lice (adults, nymphs). The Bug Buster anti-lice kit also contains a special fine-nit comb capable of unhooking the eggs.

  1. Beware Of Essential Oils

Some essential oils have recognized antiparasitic properties. This is particularly the case of tea tree oil associated with nerolidol, an alcohol contained in several essential oils (lavender, jasmine, ginger).

But beware: these so-called “natural” remedies, which have been a real craze for several years, can be dangerous. As the association of 60 million consumers points out, “their potential toxicity remains little studied,” while their uses are becoming commonplace and the anti-lice containing them are multiplying. The association points to the essential oils of tea tree and lavender, which are “suspected of acting as endocrine disruptors.” Therefore, it is better to avoid using it and favor traditional treatments with a fine comb when in doubt.

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